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The last hurdle to homeownership is title and closing.

Our attorneys and title professionals provide a seamless, start-to-finish experience for your home closing. We use the latest technology to track the status of your closing, exchange documents, and have secure conversations.

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Prompt Title – Title should not be a delay. Our prompt title promise means 2-3 business days. For an additional fee we can VIP rush title for 24 hours turn time. 

Secure Closings – Documents and messages are sent securely. We comply with federal regulations, state regulations and professional standards of conduct to safeguard personal information.

Protect Ownership Rights  We don’t close without clear title. Our attorneys verify proper title transfers. Title insurance is offered to protect and defend your ownership rights.

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Closing Pro Title & Escrow, LLC is operated by attorneys and title professionals. We are licensed and insured. We provide residential closing services statewide throughout Georgia. Contact us by phone at 678-261-4123.

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