How To Transfer A Deed To A House

Are you looking to add or remove a name from title?

Need a gift transfer, where no money changes hands.

The document (also called legal instrument) used to transfer ownership is a deed. There are two types of deeds used in Georgia, a Warranty Deed and a Quit Claim Deed.

Here are the steps to completing a deed transfer in Georgia:

  • Names the Current Owner and New Owner
  • Contains a Description of the Property
  • Signed by Current Owner
  • Two Witnesses: Unofficial Witness & Notary Public
  • Complete a PT-61, Transfer Tax Form
  • Record Deed in County Real Estate Records

What are the different deed types?

Quit Claim Deed

A Quit Claim Deed is used to transfer property without a warranty. It releases any interest the party may have with no guaranty to title. This is more commonly used between family members or parties familiar with the property. A quit claim deed can also be an acceptable transfer with a title examination and due diligence of the real estate.

Title insurance can be purchased to protect the ownership rights of a quit claim deed.

Warranty Deed

A General Warranty Deed is used to transfer property with a warranty. This general warranty guarantees title and the full history of title. This is not commonly used as most sellers will not guaranty title of previous owners.

A Limited Warranty Deed is used to transfer property with a limited warranty. This limited warranty guarantees title only during the period of ownership. No guarantees as to the previous owners. This is the most common form of title transfer in a traditional purchase and sale closing.

Deed transfers can be complex. It is best to consult an attorney that practices in real estate law. 

Contact us today to discuss a deed transfer with a Georgia attorney.



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