How To Transfer A Deed To A House

Are you looking to add or remove a name from title?

Need a gift transfer, where no money changes hands.

The document (also called legal instrument) used to transfer ownership is a deed. There are two types of deeds used in Georgia, a Warranty Deed and a Quit Claim Deed.

Here are the steps to completing a deed transfer in Georgia:

  • Names the Current Owner and New Owner
  • Contains a Description of the Property
  • Signed by Current Owner
  • Two Witnesses: Unofficial Witness & Notary Public
  • Complete a PT-61, Transfer Tax Form
  • Record Deed in County Real Estate Records

What are the different deed types?

Quit Claim Deed

A Quit Claim Deed is used to transfer property without a warranty. It releases any interest the party may have with no guaranty to title. This is more commonly used between family members or parties familiar with the property. A quit claim deed can also be an acceptable transfer with a title examination and due diligence of the real estate.

Title insurance can be purchased to protect the ownership rights of a quit claim deed.

Warranty Deed

A General Warranty Deed is used to transfer property with a warranty. This general warranty guarantees title and the full history of title. This is not commonly used as most sellers will not guaranty title of previous owners.

A Limited Warranty Deed is used to transfer property with a limited warranty. This limited warranty guarantees title only during the period of ownership. No guarantees as to the previous owners. This is the most common form of title transfer in a traditional purchase and sale closing.

Deed transfers can be complex. It is best to consult an attorney that practices in real estate law. 

Contact us today to discuss a deed transfer with a Georgia attorney.



07/26/2021 by Perry Cooper

How do I do a quick claim deed transfer in Pearson Ga

12/10/2021 by Prince Kwarteng

I am interested in transferring a deed from my mother to an LLC that I control. What are the cost and steps associated with doing this?

02/04/2022 by Michael O'Neill

Need to transfer deed of home to spouse in georgia

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05/06/2022 by Katiouska clea

Requesting information and price to transfer property between family members with no money exchange. Thank you

07/18/2022 by Joan Brown

My mother wants to change the name on the deed to her house from her to my brother and I. How do we go about doing that?

08/27/2022 by Nisha

My husband would like to transfer the house under my name we are presently both on it and still owes on the house I would like to know cost to do transfer

09/10/2022 by Jenny

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09/16/2022 by Keli Benford

As the Executor of an estate, I need info on transferring the House Deed to the beneficiaries.

10/19/2022 by Janice johnson

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10/20/2022 by Linus walkes

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01/08/2023 by Darlene Hurst

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03/06/2023 by Michael Saul

My wife is Executrix for her late father's estate. The only assets are two adjoining lots in Augusta, GA. The will left them to her. Can she, as executrix, sell them while they are still in his name, as Executrix?

03/30/2023 by shatina lavender

i want to get a deed signed over to me

04/11/2023 by Lionel Holloway

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