Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney For My Home Closing?

It depends on the state.  Some states allow title companies to conduct home closings, while other states require an attorney to oversee home closings. 

Georgia is an attorney-closing state; meaning that an attorney is required in the closing process. 

Attorneys are involved in the following closing process:

  • draft or review the Purchase and Sale Agreement or Contract
  • title search and examination
  • oversee execution of deeds, mortgages and other loan closing documents
  • disburse funds
  • file and record documents in county records
  • issue title insurance policy

There are fees charged by lawyers performing real estate closings.  These are sometimes called settlement fees, closing costs or title fees.  The good news is as a buyer or seller, you can shop around and compare closing costs.  The easiest way is to search google for closing attorney near me, then call or email for a quote.  You can also ask your real estate agent, broker or loan officer for an attorney referral. 

Some questions to ask when shopping for a closing attorneys are:

  • what is the average turnaround time for a title search?
  • do you offer simultaneous issue rates for owner’s and lender’s title insurance policies?
  • is there a special offer available for first time homebuyers or new customers?

Closing Pro is staffed by real estate attorneys and title professionals, working together.  This allows for prompt title turnaround and rush closings.      

Contact us today for a free title and closing cost quote.


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